If you care for an older vegetarian or vegan, the charity Vegetarian for Life (VfL) can help by offering online support, information and advice.  VfL is dedicated to improving the quality of life for older vegetarians and vegans, and works directly with individuals and providers of care services that cater for older adults.

VfL have put together a Vegan Rescue Pack that aims to help services cater for an older vegan living in and/or accessing care services. 

VfL have also produced a short animation to draw attention to how older vegans can be catered for after admission to a care service.  It also highlights how VfL can help.

Please visit the website www.vegetarianforlife.org.uk to find out more about VfL's services, resources, code of good practice and to find out how your care service can join the VfL accredited list.