New Waste Regulations will require every business and organisation in Scotland to start separating materials for recycling from 1 January 2014. 

All businesses will need to separate paper, card, glass, plastic and metal for recycling.

Those businesses that prepare, process, distribute or sell food for consumption and produces over 50kg of food waste a week, will also need to collect food waste separately.

Hospices, hospitals and other medical care establishments will come under the definition of food waste businesses if they have kitchen and canteen facilities on site. The Regulations concerning food waste will not take effect in these premises until 1 January 2016.

However, care homes are covered by the Regulations for all other food businesses and will need to present food waste separately by 1 January 2014 if they produce over 50kg, and by 1 January 2016 if they produce between 5 and 50kg.

Research suggests that the average care home produces around 500g of food waste per person per day. However, if you are unclear how much waste you produce, you can assume that a typical 15 bed care home will be producing more than 50kg of food waste a week.

The use of macerators to dispose of food waste to the public sewer will also be illegal for non-rural food businesses from January 2016.

There is an exemption to the food waste requirements for business premises in rural areas. You can find out whether your business is classified as being rural by putting your postcode into the tool in the Frequently Asked Questions Database at

You'll also find answers to common questions you might have. For any other questions, please call the helpline on 0808 100 2040

Reducing and recycling your waste can often reduce the cost of getting it collected and you'll find lots of support and advice available to businesses on this and other resource efficiency measures at

Zero Waste Scotland is preparing relevant training materials for service providers

The Professional Adviser Infection Prevention and Control at the Care Inspectorate is a member of the Scottish Healthcare Waste Interest Group and is happy to direct services to the relevant people for more information

There will be further waste updates about the management of hygiene, healthcare, municipal and sharps waste when they are available.