The Association for Continence Advice is currently offering half price membership to new members for the first year membership.

Benefits to be being a member include:

  • Access to on line resources and support
  • Access to the largest UK Conference with a continence specific Exhibition and Scientific Programme
  • Reduced cost and/or education sessions free of charge
  • Being part of an organisation that develops and promotes excellence in continence care
  • Access to Specialist interest groups including Pelvic Floor and Bowel
  • Access to a range of best practice guidance including specific resources for use in Care Homes for Older People

The ACA is the only UK based inter-professional membership organisation in the field of Continence. Each country within the UK has its own ACA branch.

Membership is open to all health and social care professionals and/or anyone who has an interest in the field of continence. The aim of the ACA is to provide continence education to health professionals.

By joining the ACA, you will be able to help us promote excellence in bladder and bowel care across all sectors.

Membership Application Form

For further information contact or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

telephone: 01506 811 077