The Care Inspectorate welcomed new guidance from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society about the way community pharmacists dispense medicines to care services. 

The guidance challenges the current practice of supplying medicines in so-called multi-compartment compliance (MCA) aids, where tablets and capsules are removed from the original packaging and re-packed into a MCA. The publication of the guidance follows wide consultation with pharmacy, care and health professions.

The Care Inspectorate welcomed the Society's support of independence and re-ablement, so patients who can safely self-administer their medicines should be able to do so, and, where they are unable to do so, there must be appropriate training for carers and care workers so that they are able to administer medicines from original packaging.

A Care Inspectorate spokesperson said: 

"Every person is entitled to care that reflects their needs and promotes their rights.

"The supply of medicines in the manufacturers' original packaging ensures the integrity of the medication. The packaging holds information like use by dates, batch number and the source and manufacturer of the medication is known.”