As part of the 2013/14 Norovirus ('winter vomiting bug') seasonal awareness campaign, NHS Health Scotland has developed a poster and supporting public information leaflet. The materials are for use across the NHS; health and social care settings and community venues for members of the public and were developed with input from key partners including the Care Inspectorate.

The key message of this campaign is to advise the public to stay at home for 48 hrs after norovirus symptoms have stopped to avoid spreading it further. The leaflet contains general information on:

  • What is norovirus
  • How to avoid catching norovirus
  • What to do if you do catch norovirus
  • How to care for someone with norovirus

Temporary suspension of visiting poster

There is also a poster to support communication with visitors to care homes in a norovirus outbreak situation when homes need to temporarily suspend visiting. There is a space for you to add an appropriate phone number to direct enquiries.

Further Information:

Please visit for more information on the norovirus seasonal awareness campaign including general information of norovirus and campaign materials.

The leaflet is available on request in 'easy read' format. NHS Health Scotland is happy to consider requests for other languages and formats. Requests for alternative formats can be made to NHS Health Scotland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.