Around 50,000 people in the UK have a mini stroke/Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA).  A TIA causes exactly the same symptoms as a stroke but these symptoms get better within 24 hours.

They are also known as mini-stroke.  Many people are not aware that if they experience these temporary signs of stroke, even only for a few minutes, it could be a TIA/mini-stroke.  

The Stroke Association is looking for anyone who lives in a care home,  who has had a TIA (also known as a mini-stroke),  to take part in the charity’s new survey.  The charity aims to raise awareness of TIA/mini-stroke , what action people take when they have one and how it’s affected them.   

The Stroke Association will use the information gathered to demonstrate the number of mini-strokes that happen and their effects while encouraging people to act immediately. 

A stroke or TIA/mini-stroke can be diagnosed using FAST:

Facial weakness – has the person’s face drooped, usually down one side 

Arm weakness – is the person able to lift both arms above their head

Speech problems – does the person’s speech sound slurred

Time to call 999 – if one or more of these symptoms are present call 999 immediately.

The survey is available on The Stroke Association's website runs until 30 November. Alternatively if you would like to receive a printed copy please call the charity on 0131 555 7244.