Scotland’s care watchdog has today issued a new report into the quality of care at Pentland Hill Nursing Home in Edinburgh.  

 The home is currently the subject of an Improvement Notice.

The report relates to an inspection carried out at the start of October 2013, to review progress made towards meeting the requirements set by inspectors. 

A Care Inspectorate spokesperson said: 

"The health, safety and wellbeing of residents is the absolute priority, which is why we served BUPA with a formal Improvement Notice in August. We inspected again in October, unannounced, to test whether the changes we required were made. 

"This report shows evidence of some change to how the home is run and managed, including better external support and a new manager, but we are still not satisfied by the overall quality of care being delivered.

"Our team of 11 inspectors and healthcare specialists found poor practice in medication, tissue viability and at mealtimes, and our report makes sober reading. 

"The quality of care, staffing and leadership remains unsatisfactory. We therefore require further, specific improvements this week, after which we will reassess the home’s licence to operate.  

"The block on admissions remains in force. We are working closely with the council and NHS to safeguard every resident in this home. Our inspectors and healthcare advisers continue to monitor and support progress by working closely with the home.  

"BUPA must now urgently exercise its profound responsibility to provide the high-quality care to which every resident is entitled. 

"If we do not see immediate further evidence of significant improvement, this home faces closure."