The report provides a comprehensive overview of care in Scotland and the 14,231 services we regulate.

 In 2012/13 we completed 8,835 inspections, an increase of 1,346 (15%) on the 7,489 inspections we completed in 2011/12. More than 64% of inspections were unannounced, including all inspections of care homes for older people.

We also received 3,237 complaints or concerns about services, made 1,815 formal investigations and upheld or partially upheld 1,186 complaints.

Annette Bruton, the Care Inspectorate’s chief executive said: 

“Almost everyone in Scotland will use a care service at some point in their lives. Most care services perform well, but we do not hesitate to act where we have concerns. 

“As well as inspecting care services and requiring improvement, we have an important role in letting people know what is happening in the care sector. 

“Our annual report sets out some very useful statistical information about the care sector in Scotland.

“We focus our inspections on the areas of greatest risk. That means gathering and assessing intelligence about individual services and adjusting our work accordingly.

“There are major changes on the horizon for the care sector, including the integration of health and social care and the implementation of self-directed support. As legislation and policy changes support new ways of working, it is essential to ensure the quality of care provided in Scotland continually improves.

“Regulation of itself does not guarantee quality, but is an essential ingredient of it - along with quality standards, better self-evaluation and a real focus on outcomes for people who use services.” 

The anual report is available here:

Statistical information on the types and number of services we regulate, and complaints we have dealt with is available in Appendix 2 from p 85 onwards.