The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency have released the following alerts.

 Product:  Pressure reducing air matressess by Hill Room

MHRA Reference:  MDA/2013/086

Problem:  Silicone oil may leak out of the pressure sensor of the mattress and spill onto the floor. Patients or carers may slip in the oil and injure themselves.

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Product:  Novacare - Hoists, moving & handling, hoist sling.  ProLift S 222 Standsupport slings.

MHRA ref: 2013/011/007/081/037

Problem:  Some slings have not been correctly sewn. The strap which holds the buckle for the back support could tear under load

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Product:  Single Use Surgical (SUS) - Suction equipment, suction catheter.  Suction tubing.

MHRA ref:  MHRA ref: 2013/010/022/601/001

Problem:   Silicone tube S066 has been packed more tightly than previously, causing tight bends and kinks in packing.

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Product:  Prism Medical - Hoists, moving & handling, hoist/stand aids. Freeway  

MHRA ref: 2013/008/013/401/013 

Problem: It has recently been found that a bearing washer has been omitted during the assembly process of a carrybar. The carry bar design was used over a 3 year period. Other hoists of a similar age have been inspected and they have all had the washer in place.

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