The Care Inspectorate today served an improvement notice on The Hamilton School Nursery in Aberdeen.  The improvement notice sets out specific actions that the nursery must take to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of children, within specified deadlines. 

 The regulatory activity comes as a result of a joint inspection with Education Scotland. Inspectors attended the nursery last week and earlier this week.  

A copy of the Improvement Notice is published here 

Separately, the nursery has appointed a manager to be in day-to-day charge and the Care Inspectorate has agreed to the appointment. 

Dr Robert Peat, Director of Inspection, said:

“A more detailed report of our inspection will be published in due course, but on Friday and Monday we identified serious concerns about medication and nutrition. 

“The health, safety and wellbeing of children is our top priority, so we have served an improvement notice on the nursery. We require specific, urgent changes to be made in the coming days and are working closely with the nursery to give them the necessary support and advice. 

“Children with specific, serious medical conditions must receive the right medicine quickly in the event of an emergency, and staff caring for them must know what to do. We therefore require further changes to how medicines are administered.  

“Children must receive sufficient assistance during meals and snacks to ensure their adequate nutrition.

“We also require that the management exercise sufficient oversight and leadership to ensure the proper care of children attending.

“We are working with the school to make these improvements but will not hesitate to act further if necessary. Anyone with concerns can contact us on 0345 6009527.”