A housing support service based in Aberdeen has told it must make improvements after the quality of care and support it provided was graded unsatisfactory by inspectors.

Absolute Care is a combined housing support and care at home service with its main office in Aberdeen.

The provider began delivering care from an office base in Forres in September 2012.

The Care Inspectorate carried out an unannounced inspection of the service in September this year.

The report of that inspection highlighted areas of concern including over personal care plans and over missed visits to supported service users which were not recorded appropriately.

In their report of the inspection, inspectors noted: "We are very worried about this service and they must not take on any new clients until we tell them they can.

"It has to do a lot to improve. When we tell the provider/manager we have made a requirement that means they have to do what we are telling them to do. The provider had not done what we asked them. We think the provider should be able to improve things in Aberdeen very quickly as they only have a small amount of people to support and a small group of staff. 

"A spokesman for the Care Inspectorate said: "We continue to have significant concerns about this service, and are continuing to work with them closely to ensure they improve to meet the standards we require.

"We will be inspecting them again soon to check on the progress made.

"If we are not satisfied that they have taken significant action to improve on the concerns we have raised, we will not hesitate to take further action.

"Everyone in Scotland has the right to safe, compassionate care which meets their needs and respects their rights. Anyone with a concern about a care service can contact our helpline on 0345 600 9527."

The full inspection report is available here: http://www.scswis.com/berengCareservices/html/reports/getPdfBlob.php?id=272230