Representatives from Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate will be available all day on Monday 24th at the Hilton Aberdeen Treetops Hotel, 161 Springfield Rd, Aberdeen AB15 7AQ, to meet parents and carers affected by the school and nursery closure from 08.30 hours to early evening.

 Annette Bruton, Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate, said:

"Senior staff from the Care Inspectorate are in Aberdeen to meet with parents and families whose children attended the nursery and our helpline will be open on Monday on 0345 6009527. We stand ready to support other nurseries and childminders in Aberdeen seeking to expand, where it is safe to do so. Our urgent application to the court last Friday to close the nursery was necessary to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of young children who were not safe. The decision of the provider to close the nursery is, we believe - given the evidence we hold - in the best interests of children, although we know this makes it a very difficult time for parents and families."

Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland said:

“Our Inspectors are in Aberdeen and will be available to meet with parents and carers on Monday. The helpline is also still available on 01506 600 316. I want to assure all those affected that the closure of the school was necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of the children attending there. We will continue to work with the Scottish Government, the Care Inspectorate and Aberdeen City Council to provide support and assistance during this difficult time.”