The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have recently publishing the revised Code of conduct for nurses and midwives, which will come into effect on 31 March 2015.

The Code contains the professional standards that nurses and midwives must uphold. They are the standards shown every day by good nurses and midwives across the UK and the Code should be seen as a way of reinforcing their professionalism. The Code will be a focus for professional reflection during revalidation, which will be introduced in December 2015.  

What’s in the Code?

The Code has been developed with the input of many nurses, midwives, patients and carers. It is shaped around four themes, which together show what good nursing and midwifery practice looks like:

  • Prioritise people
  • Practise effectively
  • Preserve safety
  • Promote professionalism and trust

The new Code reflects changes in healthcare and society since the previous Code was published in 2008, as well as public expectations of care. It includes new requirements on:

  • Fundamentals of care
  • The duty of candour
  • Raising concerns
  • Delegation and accountability
  • The professional duty to take action in an emergency
  • Social media use

The revised Code will sit alongside new guidance on the duty of candour and social media, which will be published in late March, as well as existing guidance on raising concerns. 

Read the Code 

The Code will be effective from 31 March 2015 and all nurses and midwives on the register will receive a copy in the post in early March. 

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