Phase Two - On-site

Please note that the week numbers are indicative only and subject to change, particularly during holiday periods etc.

Week 12 

Activities include three days (Monday - Wednesday) reviewing practice through reading children and young people’s records and two days (Thursday - Friday) undertaking fieldwork activities engaging with children and young people and parents and carers.

Participation and engagement fieldwork activities take place late Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. The focus of the activities is to gather the views and experiences of children and young people. For more information, see our approach to engagement. The core activities include:

  • One to one meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Activity groups
  • Observations
Week 13

The inspection team completes write-ups of the on-site activities, reviews the information collected and identifies emerging themes.

The young inspection volunteers write up the findings from the activities that they have been involved in.

Week 14

The Care Inspectorate's inspection lead, depute inspection lead, participation lead and scrutiny partners meet with the CPP to:

  • discuss the emerging high-level themes from the review of practice through reading children and young people’s records; staff surveys; children and young people’s surveys; and parents and carers surveys.
  • identify the best sources of evidence to answer remaining areas of uncertainty.

The CPP shares with its staff, the areas to be explored during the fieldwork activities.

Week 15

Discussions take place between the inspection lead and strategic support officer and the CPP’s inspection co-ordinator to agree and finalise the timetable and the arrangements for the fieldwork phase in week 17.

Week 16 The Care Inspectorate prepares for the second on-site activity week.
Week 17

Inspectors follow an agreed timetable of activity and meet with a range of staff, managers and senior officers.

Further engagement takes place involving children and young people and parents and carers.

The surveys for children and young people and parents and carers close. 

Week 18 The inspection team write up their fieldwork activity and identify the emerging key messages for the CPP. 
Week 19

The inspection team complete further analysis of the findings and complete the proposed key messages for the final report in relation to the inspection questions, as well as a rationale for an evaluation on the six-point scale of the relevant quality indicators.


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