Support for improvement

The Care Inspectorate’s link inspector arrangements for each local authority area serve six main purposes.  These are:

  • monitoring the performance and quality of social work services;
  • monitoring the performance of the partnership’s public protection arrangements;
  • identifying factors which are supporting social work services to deliver good or improved outcomes and any barriers;
  • highlighting risks to the above and their potential impact;
  • identifying good practice within social work service and disseminating these more widely;
  • supporting partners efforts to build capacity for continuous improvement.

Following each joint inspection, the link inspector continues to work with the CPP with an appropriate level of focus on improvement activity recorded in the CPP’s action plan.  Where necessary, they will provide support and challenge in agreed activities and/or signpost CPPs to appropriate sources of assistance.  This may include support from other scrutiny bodies.

When a partnership’s performance in key areas of practice has been evaluated as either ‘weak’ or ‘unsatisfactory’, the Care Inspectorate and partners may conduct progress review inspection activity to provide assurance that effective action is being taken by the CPP to reduce risks and address areas of concern. In these circumstances the intention and timescale for follow-up scrutiny will be recorded in the published report.

Where the findings of the inspection identify significant concerns, the link inspector may have a more formal monitoring role to provide senior managers in the Care Inspectorate and scrutiny partners with assurance that appropriate action is being taken to address weaknesses.


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Staff survey

Inspectors use a survey to gather the views of all staff who work directly with children and young people in need of care and protection, about the difference that services are making to their lives and how they are being helped to achieve positive outcomes. In addition to the staff survey, we will invite children and young people, as well as parents and carers, to complete surveys to gather their views about their experiences of services.

CPPs are asked to distribute the staff survey directly to their staff and the Care Inspectorate will provide a link to this at the briefing for partners about the inspection process.  The survey takes around 15 - 20 minutes to complete and is aimed at all staff who could either undertake named person responsibilities, or the lead professional role.  For example, midwives and health visitors, or those who work in education, health, police or social work services across the CPP.

Staff do not have to provide their name, just their current occupation/professional role and job type.  Four weeks is allocated for its completion and the analysis of the results are subsequently shared with the CPP.


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