By Heather Edwards, AHP Consultant

Last year, a new Health and Social Care Improvement Team was formed within the Care Inspectorate to play a critical role in supporting services to provide safe, high-quality care and support. Our programme of work sits under the banner of Growing a Good Life.

We now have two new social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter that we hope will help many more people who are experiencing care to grow a good quality of life.

We believe connecting people who are experiencing care to the right support from people with the right skills at the right time is crucial. We are driven by the desire to make these connections because we know it can make all the difference between someone living a good life or simply existing.  

Even during these extremely difficult times, so many services are finding positive ways to support people to improve their quality of life by building relationships and connections, moving more often every day, taking up hobbies, contributing to their community and building confidence and a sense of achievement.

We work with staff across health and social care to promote good practice, share what is working well and learning from areas where improvement is needed.

We focus on specific topics of health and wellbeing such as dementia or end of life care, or general areas such as medicines management. We also have national programmes of work such as Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) and the review of antipsychotic medicines in care homes for older people.

We want to be known and accessible across the sector as the go-to for improvement support. Social media offers us another way to connect with people. Our way of working is collaborative and inclusive, and we try to bring the person with the lived experience into all our work.

Please join our social media community on Facebook and Twitter, and get in touch with us if you would like any improvement support or you would like to share your stories of how you help people to grow a good life.