The Care Inspectorate has undertaken an inquiry into adult carers’ experiences of adult social work and social care services.

The report highlights the need for improvement in support of adult unpaid carers and makes a series of recommendations. Inspectors from the Care Inspectorate carried out this work between March and July 2022.

It is estimated that there are about 800,000 adult carers in Scotland who provide unpaid care for another adult. Carers make a vital contribution to the social care system across Scotland.

The report found that caring can have a negative impact on carers’ physical and mental health and wellbeing, as a result of caring without all the support they needed.

For those carers who had an ongoing, trusting relationship with a social work staff member this helped them feel understood, valued and supported.

When carers were involved with local carers’ organisations, commissioned by health and social care partnerships, they had positive experiences.

The report sets out areas for improvement by health and social care partnerships that it is hoped will help improve services and support for unpaid carers across Scotland. These included improving access to and availability of short breaks for carers, and promoting awareness of their rights, including access to an adult care support plan.

Jackie Irvine, Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: “We recognise the vital role that unpaid carers play in our society.

"We hope the findings included in this report will help pave the way for the improvements needed to support unpaid carers across Scotland.”

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The full report can be read here.