Every adult and older person living in a care home has the right to connect with family, friends and community.

The Care Inspectorate supports this right. There are standards, guidance and legislation that support this right, too.


Click the images below to read our literature review, factsheet, self-evaluation tool, care home poster, report on engagement visits and report on findings from a consultation with care home staff.

Meaningful connection literature review Page 01Annes law project Report on engagement visits to care homes carried out Page 01Meaningful connections staff consultation report Page 01Pic1 Annes law project Fact sheet 002Annes law project Do you live in a care home poster


We have been working hard behind the scenes for some months now to learn the way of podcasting. We’ve now launched our very first box set of episodes - all about the Visiting, Meaningful Connection and Anne’s Law project

The Anne’s Law project advisers have spoken with real-life people about real-life stories that will resonate with all of us. People like Jenny, manager at Glennie House; Ken, a care home resident; Natasha, the daughter of Anne, who Anne’s Law is named for; professionals from across the sector and many more. Packed with insightful, thought-provoking ideas and tips to stay connected with your loved ones, these podcasts have something for everyone. 

Listen anywhere, anytime to the episodes that interest you. Listen on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google or wherever you get your podcasts. Alternatively, you can listen on our website


We've created factsheets to accompany our webinars. Click on the images below to read more. 

 Meaningful connection fact sheet A human rights based approach Page 1Meaningful connection fact sheet Including family carers as partners in care Meaningful connection fact sheet Supporting positive peer relationships Page 1 Meaningful connection fact sheet Supporting meaningful connection

Meaningful connection fact sheet Celebrating good practice

Meaningful connection fact sheet Supporting an outbreak situation Page 1