If you want to operate a care service in Scotland you must, by law, register with the Care Inspectorate. 

Before applying to register a service

Before you apply to register a care service you must make sure you have read and understood the associated guidance and legislation.  

Every registered care service must continuously meet the requirements of: 


Care services must pay fees to be registered with us. The maximum limit is set by Scottish Ministers. The fees we collect contribute to our operating costs.

We charge a fee for registering a new service and an annual continuation fee. The annual continuation fee licenses a care service to operate.

All application fees are non-returnable.

To find out more about our fees click here.

What to expect from the registration process

You can now apply to register a care service online, using our new, secure system. The online application is simple to complete and only asks you questions that are relevant to your service type.

You can manage your application easily. You can save it as you go and return to it later so you can complete and submit at your own pace. You can go back to previous stages to check, change and add to your application. The new application allows you to upload supporting documents and pay your application fee.

Read our guidance online registraiton application form - your guide. 

We aim to assess applications for a childminding service within three months and all other services within six months. However, this presumes that you supply us with a competent and fully detailed application, as well as any additional information we request. It is in your interest to give us all the information we ask for in the application form to prevent any delays or the risk of us closing or refusing your application.

Once you have submitted your application, our national registration team will check:

  • the information you have given us
  • whether the provider is fit to provide the service
  • whether the manager is fit to manage the service
  • that the proposed premises are fit to be used for that purpose
  • that the service will make all the proper provisions for the health, welfare, independence, choice, privacy and dignity of everyone using the service.

We may also check the financial viability of the service. Any information we ask for during the registration process is in accordance with the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

Read our applying to register a care service - guidance for applicants. 

For more information about registering a service (other than childminding) click here. [LINK TO REGISTER A CARE SERVICE (OTHER THAN CM) PAGE].

For more information about registering a childminding service click here. [LINK TO REGISTER A CM SERVICE PAGE].

If you are unclear about the kind of service you want to apply for, click here to see the definitions of care services which must be registered with us.

For general advice about registering a care service you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Create an account to begin your application. 

Sign in to see an existing application [LINK].

If you require the application form in an alternative format, please call our contact centre on 0345 600 9527.


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