A joint inspection of adult support and protection in Orkney has found some strengths in ensuring adults at risk of harm are safe, protected and supported. However, inspectors also identified substantial areas for improvement.

Inspectors found that partnership staff worked collaboratively to support and protect adults at risk of harm.

The partnership had also commissioned an independent evaluation of multi-agency adult support and protection processes in 2021. The findings had provided a baseline for some essential improvements.

The report suggested a number of areas that could further improve. It notes that strategic leaders should ensure the delivery of competent and effective adult support and protection key processes for all adults at risk of harm in line with their statutory responsibilities.

Risk assessment, chronologies, investigations, and protection planning all require immediate improvement.

The report recommends that change and improvement following the independent review in 2021 needs to be accelerated. Adult support and protection should be a critical improvement priority for strategic leaders across the partnership.

The report also said that partnership’s strategic oversight of progress should be strengthened. Effective governance and quality assurance arrangements are needed to support improvements in practice.

Jackie Irvine, Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate, said: “Overall, there were important areas of weakness identified across key processes and strategic leadership, which could adversely affect experiences and outcomes for adults at risk of harm.

“The Orkney adult protection partnership have been asked to prepare an improvement plan. This will set out how it plans to deliver the required improvements to adult support and protection. The Care Inspectorate and our scrutiny partners will monitor progress.”

The full report can be read here.