However, inspectors also identified several important areas for improvement. Inspectors found that early intervention initiatives effectively supported vulnerable individuals in Clackmannanshire. Leadership for adult support and protection was effective throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and maintained critical services.   Inspectors also noted that clear chronologies, risk assessments, and protection plans should be completed for all adults at risk of harm who require them. Further, the partnership should remove the ‘police only’ investigations procedure from its adult support and protection work to ensure that investigations have active social work involvement.Edith MacIntosh, interim Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate said: 

“The Care Inspectorate and our partners Healthcare Improvement Scotland and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland were asked by Scottish Ministers to carry out joint inspections of adult support and protection across Scotland. 

“This is a report of our findings for the Clackmannanshire partnership.  Overall, the partnership’s strategic leadership and delivery of key processes for adult support and protection were effective. Adults at risk of harm experienced improved safety outcomes because of timely, multi-agency collaboration and intervention, and staff felt supported and confident in their roles. Some areas for improvement were also identified, including the use of clear choronologies, risk assessments and protection plans, and the removal of 'police only' investigations."

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