Children and young people

Our role in children and young people’s services

It is our job to make sure that every child and young person experiencing care in Scotland gets the best quality of care that meets their needs and choices and protects their rights. This is whether they live at home with their families, live in a children’s home, are fostered or adopted, stay in secure or school care accommodation or use respite services. We also inspect some services that provide care for families, such as women’s refuges, and housing support services that cater for young people.

Our strategic team assesses how well professionals from different disciplines and agencies work together. This is to make sure that children and young people who need care and protection are kept safe and their needs met. 

We assess how well services and partnerships self-evaluate and learn from adverse events to improve children’s experiences and outcomes.

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Who we inspect

We regulate and inspect care services in Scotland to make sure that they meet the right standards. 

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Bogus callers

Occasionally, we receive reports of bogus callers, calling or visiting services and claiming to be inspectors from the Care Inspectorate. You can be sure that our inspectors are who they say they are by carrying out some simple identity checks or calling us on 0345 600 9527.

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Information from the Care Inspectorate for people experiencing care and their carers is available here. We fully expect adult care homes to facilitate visiting by following Scottish Government’s Open with Care guidance.

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Get involved with the Care Inspectorate

We believe we can make care better by working with people who have personal experience of those services. Volunteers get involved in many different areas of our work, including inspection. We are looking for people with a personal experience of care. So, if you have used a care service, or cared for someone close who used a care service, you could be just who we're looking for.

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