Inspection lead

The inspection lead will be a strategic inspector from the Care Inspectorate. They are responsible for the successful conduct of the joint inspection and as such leads on all aspects and phases of the inspection. Responsibilities include leading the inspection team; ensuring the effective gathering and analysis of complex data and evidence across the range of relevant services; and reaching sound conclusions about how well services work together to ensure good outcomes for children.

The inspection lead plays a key role in setting the tone of the inspection by establishing credibility and confidence of chief officers, community planning partners, senior managers and key staff in the range of services involved throughout the joint inspection.

Depute inspection lead

The depute inspection lead is responsible for supporting the inspection lead in the preparation, planning and management of all phases throughout the joint inspection. The role includes deputising for the inspection lead for aspects of the inspection as directed, as well as assuming responsibility for the conduct and completion of the inspection in the absence, or withdrawal, of the inspection lead due to unforeseen circumstances.

Strategic support officer

The strategic support officer (SSO) project manages each inspection. They work closely with the Care Inspectorate's inspection lead and depute inspection lead in supporting the inspection. They provide a key link for the partnership and will work alongside a co-ordinator identified by the CPP. The SSO co-ordinates a wide range of activities to ensure that the inspection runs efficiently, and they are the first point of contact for the CPP for logistical aspects of the inspection.

Relationship manager

The Care Inspectorate has a regulatory relationship manager linked to each local authority area and they will provide a “profile of performance” about care services operating within the area. This helps to build a picture and contribute to the inspectors analysis of the partnership’s self-evaluation.

Link inspector

A strategic inspector within the Care Inspectorate has a link role with each local authority in Scotland. They provide support and challenge to the local authority social work service and the Child Protection Committee, as well as participating in the Shared Risk Assessment/Local Scrutiny Plan development. As part of the inspection team, their responsibilities include preparing and submitting an analysis of relevant data and intelligence in respect of services in the area. The link inspector also has the key role in subsequently monitoring progress of any action plan resulting from the joint inspection.

Inspection team members

Other inspection team members include:

  • Other Care Inspectorate strategic inspectors
  • His Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) Associate Inspector
  • Inspectors from Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) and Education Scotland
  • Associate assessors - drawn from a pool of experienced professionals who have been nominated by CPPs and their employer to take part in strategic inspection teams
  • Young inspection volunteers aged 18 to 26 who are supported by a voluntary organisation and have relevant experience of care services.

The role of all inspection team members throughout the inspection is to:

  • gather, record and analyse evidence across services and from a range of sources including a review of multi-agency practice by reading children’s records;
  • interview children, young people, parents and carers sensitively to obtain evidence of their experiences, the impact of the services that they receive, and the outcomes achieved;
  • facilitate and record focus groups on key themes or with particular groups of staff; and
  • produce clear and concise written reports within the inspection timeline to assist the inspection team to reach conclusions about the quality of services provided.



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