Scrutiny of adult support and protection

During 2017, the Care Inspectorate and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland inspected adult support and protection services in a number of partnership areas across Scotland.  Healthcare Improvement Scotland was also involved in this exercise.  This was the first time any of the Scottish scrutiny bodies had scrutinised adult support and protection.   Our scrutiny focused on outcomes for adults at risk of harm, the partnership’s actions to make sure adults at risk of harm are safe, protected, supported, involved, and consulted, as well as leadership for adult support and protection. The six adult protection partnerships we inspected were selected to reflect the diverse geography and demography of Scotland.  The partnerships selected for a joint inspection of their adult support and protection arrangements were: 

  • East Dunbartonshire

  • North Ayrshire

  • Aberdeenshire

  • Highland

  • Dundee

  • Midlothian 

  During our scrutiny of the partnerships, we:

  • read and analysed adult support and protection records and carried out scrutiny sessions in the partnerships

  • examined adult protection referrals as part of our analysis of advanced information

  • engaged with people who are subject to adult protection interventions and their carers, so that their lived experience will be central to our inspection.  

Read the report of our findings here.