This return provides information needed during the preparation phase of the inspection.

It includes contextual information in terms of key personnel and structures in relation to:

  • CPP members.
  • staff involved in integrated children’s services planning.

To enable us to develop the statistically valid case file sample we request information about children and young people receiving services on an agreed date. This will include all children and young people:

  • who are either looked after at home or away from home, regardless of legal status or type of care placement on the agreed date;
  • who are in receipt of aftercare services;
  • whose names are included on the CPR on the agreed date; and those
  • who are referred by SCRA for voluntary measures of supervision within the last 12 months.

The request is sent in the form of an excel spreadsheet to be completed electronically. The return should be made in association with all relevant parties (ie. local authority, health, police and Scottish Children’s Reporter).

The PIR will be sent to the identified Inspection Co-ordinator for the CPP two weeks after the notification (ie. Week 3) with return requested within four weeks (ie. by Week 7).

To comply with DPA 2018 and GDPR, the CPP must ensure that any personal data that they send to the Care Inspectorate is:

  1. adequate - sufficient to properly fulfil our stated purpose;
  2. relevant - has a link to that purpose; and
  3. limited to what is necessary - for example, we do not need personal identifiers.

Any personal material that is sent over and above that which is required for the purposes of the inspection may constitute a data breach by the CPP and may be reportable to the Information Commissioner.


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