The Care Inspectorate is committed to purposeful engagement with children and young people, strengthening how we listen and act upon their views and experiences. We want to put their perspective at the heart of the inspection. Based on our work with our young inspection volunteers, we have developed a range of approaches which enable us to reach out to children and young people and hear about their experiences of services and the differences that these have made to their life chances. See our approach to engagement.

We want to gather information which tells us about impact and outcomes, and how services have improved the well-being of care experienced young people and those in need of support and extra help to keep safe.

We recognise that efforts are made across CPPs to listen to the views of children and young people. A meeting between the Care Inspectorate’s participation lead and the CPP’s participation co-ordinator at an early stage in the inspection planning process is invaluable in helping to identify individuals and groups of children and young people as well as the key services which support them. We are particularly keen to hear the views of children who are looked after at home, those in kinship care and young people using throughcare and aftercare services, including care leavers.


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