Every year in January and February, we ask care service providers to complete an annual return.  It asks for a great deal of information about your service and the people who use it.  It is important to know why you are asked for this information, and what the Care Inspectorate does with it. 

First and foremost, the information you provide in the annual return helps us understand your service. This means inspectors are able to plan and prepare for effective inspections that are focused appropriately.

Not only is the annual return important for planning and focusing inspections, the information you give provides a national picture, which can help the us and others in a number of ways.

Annual returns should be completed online through our eForms system. Even inactive services must submit an annual return.

Benchmarks and comparisons for inspectors 

Inspectors can compare a service they are looking at with national averages to identify potential issues. For example, if the inspector is preparing to inspect a service with higher staff turnover than average, when they inspect, the inspector might look at the impact this could have had on the quality of care and outcomes for people using that service.

Publishing statistics

We publishe statistical reports of some of the annual returns data.  It also uses annual return data to inform many of its other publications. Our main statistical publications are:

National policy makers (the Scottish Government) can use these summaries and publications to shape and evaluate national policies and providers can see how their service compares with other services.

Reducing duplication and sharing information

The Care Inspectorate shares information with other public bodies to reduce duplication and the costs of data collection for both the taxpayer and the people providing data.  For example, anonymised staffing information is shared with the Scottish Social Services Council, so that it can develop intelligence about the workforce without having to collect additional data from care services.

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