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Care Opinion

 It is a place where you can 

  • share your story of using adult social care services
  • see what others are saying about services
  • see how services respond and when they make a change

Run by Patient Opinion Scotland, they moderate every story (you can read their moderation policy here) and then publish them on their website. They send stories to the right social care provider so they can respond to you via the website and let you know how your feedback helps them to improve and develop their services. This is another way of making sure you have your say about your social care services in Scotland. Click on the headlines on the widget below to read the latest stories that have been published or visit


Do you have a story to tell?

Care Opinion is being piloted across two areas in Scotland. If you have had experience of adult social care services in Fife or Ayrshire and Arran recently, either as a someone receiving services or as a carer, relative or friend of someone else, we’d like to encourage you to share that experience through Care Opinion. You can say what’s good and what could be better. Services can show you how they improve as a result of your feedback. You can share your experience right now by completing the section below. Your story will go directly to Care Opinion to be handled confidentially by the team that runs the website.

Your story may appear (without your name) on their website. Care Opinion will then share the story with the right service and with the Care Inspectorate. We, along with the service, will be able to read the feedback you share, but your identity is not revealed to us: you remain anonymous. This service is non-profit and independent of service providers and the Care Inspectorate. For more information about how your story is handled, visit

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