Child's Curriculum Conference

Date of the event: 03-11-2018 to 03-11-2018

Our aims are to:

-        uphold the tradition of excellent early years provision in Scotland;

-        advance principles of child learning and development for excellent education and care in which the child leads the way;

-        embrace the life of the child within family, community and culture; and

-        promote children's nature and children's rights as inseparable

This conference will advance discussion on the role of play and companionship in learning and their contribution to attainment and happiness in the longer term. Early years education has built on the tradition of collaborating with children's gifts of creativity and companionship to form communities of learners. Research proves that children are born motivated to live in affectionate and playful attachment in community with parents, other adults and other children. Sensitivity to these motives promotes social, cognitive, linguistic, and sensorimotor growth, establishing confidence and imagination in the knowing and doing of happy and proud children. Promoting children's learning and development matters not just for them, but for all of society. Play is central to creative, inquisitive and motivated learning. This conference will explore the continuing relevance of play, how it is understood by professional adults working with 0-7 year olds, and what we need to know and understand about learning to ensure continuing playful experiences in caring educational communities during early childhood and into school.

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